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Emissions Monitoring

Motrac Research Engineering Ltd offer both ambient and exhaust portable emissions measurement for both gaseous & particulate matter. We will support your project from initial planning to data processing and report generation, ensuring you save time and costs with a single supplier.

We help you to establish yourself as an industry leader using effective emissions management driven by high performance, cost effective, indicative monitoring technology. 

Accurately monitor your data using any internet connected device via our single source web-based analytics service. We also offer remote device support which enables our technicians to remotely connect to your device anywhere in the world, ensuring total client support.

City traffic

Stay ahead of legislation

We can help you navigate complex vehicle or equipment compliance test procedures through indicative monitoring to ensure effective emission control strategies are put in place. 

Bespoke Emissions Monitoring Solution for Your Sector 

Reduce project risk

Optimise your process

Build your reputation

Stand out from competitors

Protect your community

Optimise Your Site Operations

Enhance your decision making, site operations and reputation through effective real-time emissions monitoring. Measuring your emissions allows you to mitigate risk and avoid unnecessary project costs.

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