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Direct Exhaust Emissions Monitoring 


The Motrac PEMS PRO.5 is an integrated portable emissions gas analyser, measuring up to five gaseous emissions in real-time.


The device uses advanced sensor technology and configuration to allow for straightforward, user- friendly emissions monitoring. Your system will be configured for portable, accurate, and robust monitoring using a combination of NDIR and electrochemical analysis detection methods.


Thanks to our multiple data connectivity options you can monitor your live data on the device screen or from any internet connected device with our comprehensive and customisable user dashboard. If internet connection is not possible we have options available. 

The system allows for up to 12 hours of continuous sampling on battery power or continuous testing via mains power.

The PEMS PRO 5. is accessible solution for indicative emissions measurement with remote device access support available

High quality, High Performance, Indicative Emissions Monitoring 

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In-service vehicle compliance

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mobile Machinery 

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Accelerate your green technology development  

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The PEMS PRO. 5 direct exhaust gaseous analyser provides real-time monitoring of up to 5 species including; O2, CO, CO2, NO & NO2.

The analyser is suitable for a range of applications including transportation vehicles, in service compliance, Research & Development and Non-Road Mobile Machinery. 


Casing IP67 rated

Cloud enabled 

Robust data storage 

Real-time dashboard

User friendly touchscreen

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Data access made easier


Access your data from anywhere in the world from an internet connected device. 

Your dashboard is completely customisable, providing you with quick insights into your most essential information.

The Benefits of Measuring Your Emissions 

Get ahead of legislation 

Upgrade outdated technology 

Increase stakeholder engagement and enhance SCR

Government pollution legislation in all sectors is constantly being updated due to the climate crisis we now face. Stay ahead of the game by making sure you're compliant. Don't be caught out by consequential financial penalties or further ramifications.


Outdated technology can be a huge financial drain on your business. Many devices currently used are not automatic and require a huge amount of labour to collect and process results. Work smarter not harder with the PEMS PRO.5.  


Show commitment to employee safety 

Move towards decarbonisation

Rise to your stakeholders expectations and increase your transparency by communicating your emission monitoring & reduction to investors. Enhance your SCR by sponsoring the purchase of a device for an education institute.


Take control of your emissions monitoring and start your journey towards decarbonisation. It can be overwhelming but that is why we are here to help you get started. 

Optimise your processes 

Emissions monitoring makes sense economically. Poor combustion can produce corrosive compounds which overtime cause damage to equipment resulting in large financial repair costs. Regular evaluation can highlight any potential maintenance concerns which allow informed decision making. 

Win Clients, Be An Environmental Leader 

Show your employees you are striving to better their job safety by ensuring you are within emissions limits that have shown to improve physical & mental health and increase workplace productivity. 


Show your customers your dedication to the planet by going further than minimum compliance. Improve your company reputation and recognition by standing out from competitors.


Compare alternative fuels/feedstock

Each industry is under pressure to increase investment into alternative fuels. Monitoring your emissions helps understand to compare the effectiveness of available options.

Rapid development of prototype vehicles or systems

We understand that innovation requires sustainable development. Our device is at an accessible price point to allow for testing throughout your prototype and pilot stages without being held back by the eye watering cost of validation level kit.


How We Work With You

Get in touch with our team to discuss your projects requirements.


Put your feet up, let us take it from here. We can manage and execute your testing but we also provide training if kit hire is preferable. Remote support for device users is also available. 


You can monitor, download and view previous data from any internet connected device, from anywhere in the world! We also have options available if no internet connection is possible.


2. We'll take it from here

1. Get in contact!

We offer a data analysis and report generation service whereby we produce reports to suit your needs. Whether that is a comprehensive or detailed scientific paper we have you covered so you can confidently understand your results. 


4. We can take care of
data processing 

3. Access your live data

Let's Work Together to Democratise Emissions Monitoring 

We aim to ensure emissions monitoring is common practice and accessible to all organisations. 


We can work together to democratise emissions monitoring. You must first measure what you want to manage.


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