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Introducing the AM3 

The perfect solution for your indoor air quality monitoring needs. With its compact, plug-and-play design, and reliable sensor solution, the AM3 is the perfect tool to help you take proactive steps in protecting your home and health.


Whether you're a business looking to improve employee wellbeing or a housing association looking to monitor homes, the AM3 is the ideal tool for all your ambient monitoring needs.


The AM3 is packed with features to make ambient air quality monitoring easier than ever before. Some of the key benefits include:  

Compact Design
Easy to use
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Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

The AM3 measures CO2, temperature, and humidity and can be upgraded with an optical particle counter to measure particulate matter.


The monitor provides accurate measurements of the air quality, allowing you to identify any areas where the air quality is less than satisfactory, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to take action to improve the air quality.

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